Cozy Light

Personal server made easy

Cozy Light allows you to deal, without effort, with many self-hosting use cases like turning your server into a file storage, hosting your static website or your HTML5 video game console. You can try it on your desktop or directly set it up on your own server. It performs well on cheap hardwares like the Raspberry Pi or small Digital Ocean VPS.


Cozy Light requires Node.js to be installed. Once Node is setup, a single command line is required:

sudo npm install cozy-light -g


Cozy Light allows you to configure your server by installing apps and adding plugins. To help you start with common use cases of personal servers, Cozy Light provide you with set of apps and plugins called distributions.

Green blocks are applications and blue blocks are plugins.

Personal Cloud

youauthdashboardfile storagecalendarcontact bookwebmail
cozy-light install-distro personal-cloud

cozy-light set-password


useryoudomaingithookhtml5your site
cozy-light install-distro website

Video Games

youhtml5dashboardsnake crappy bird
cozy-light install-distro video-games


To run Cozy Light server, execute the following command. By default, it will listen on the 19104 port.

cozy-light start


Here is a list of available applications for the Cozy Light platform.

cozy-labs/calendarAlarm and events manager
cozy-labs/filesFile storage
cozy-labs/contactsContact book
cozy-labs/taskySimple and efficient task manager;
maboiteaspam/ma-clef-usbAnother file storage.
require html5-apps plugin
frankrousseau/coffee-snakeSnake game
frankrousseau/CrappyBirdFlappy bird clone.
require docker plugin
frankrousseau/couchdbCouchdb database, can be useful for your PouchDB-based apps
frankrousseau/wordpressWordpress blog engine.
frankrousseau/ghostGhost blog engine.


cozy-light install cozy-labs/files


Here is a list of available plugins for the Cozy Light platform.

cozy-labs/cozy-light-simple-dashboardMinimalist dashboard for the platform.
maboiteaspam/cozy-homepageRedirect root url to Cozy Dashboard app.
cozy-labs/cozy-light-authAdd auth capabilities to Cozy Light.
cozy-labs/cozy-light-basic-authAdd basic auth capabilities to Cozy Light.
cozy-labs/cozy-light-html5-appsTo manage HTML5 apps like classic apps.
cozy-labs/cozy-light-dockerExperimental plugin to manage docker containers like classic apps.
cozy-labs/cozy-light-domainsLink a domain name to a static app.
cozy-labs/cozy-light-githooksReinstall an app when a commit occurs on the Github repository.


cozy-light add-plugin cozy-labs/cozy-light-auth


install Install given application.
uninstall Uninstall given application.
add-pluginInstall given plugin.
remove-pluginUninstall given plugin.
install-distroInstall given distribution.
enableEnable given application/plugin.
disableDisable given application/plugin.
display-configDisplay Current configuration.


Cozy Light is the result of the many feedback we get about Cozy (a full-featured personal cloud to host on your server). Many developers asked for the same thing: less friction at install, less friction to build new apps and the capability to run it on the Raspberry Pi.

Because of the many features of Cozy we were not able to provide that without removing a lot of things. To not deceive our current users, we decided to build a new project dedicated to developers and hackers.

It takes the basics of Cozy to make it super simple to start with. Only Node.js and NPM is required to install and run it. Its memory consumption makes it good for low resource computers. Finally, the fact it relies on an embedded database make application development possible with a minimalist development environment (just Node.js).

Last but not least, we wanted to allow the community to get involved in the project development. We made the codebase short (< 2000 lines of code) and we integrated a plugin system.

The first results are good, many people enjoy using it. About contribution, the community sent us bug/enhancement reports, we got several nice pull requests and one contributor was so active that he joined us as a core contributor! And all of that with close to zero promotion.

So, if you like that project and want to share thoughts about it, feel free to open an issue or a post on our forum.

Cozy Light is brought to you by Cozy Cloud and the Cozy Community